Prices for SUMMER 2018


Room for 1 pers.

Winter Season    off season    Summer Season
45EUR                   35EUR          40EUR

2-person room

Winter Season  off season       Summer Season
65 EUR                 55  EUR           60 EUR

Room for 3 persons

Winter Season    off season     Summer Season
95EUR                   75EUR            80EUR

Apartment for 4 persons

Winter Season   off season     Summer Season

125EUR                 100EUR        110EUR



     A child up to 3 years: free
     Child under 12 years: 15 EUR / day
     Additional person in room: 20 EUR / day
     Tourist tax: 0,4 EUR / person / day
     Price per room include buffet breakfast
     Check-in begins at 14:00 and ends at 11:00


We organize additional services on request:

     Integration events
     Business meetings




Relaxing foot massage with elements of reflexology (20min)
50 PLN

Relaxing foot massage with additional elements of reflexology. Stimulates and restores relaxation to the entire body.

Facial massage (25min)
50 PLN

Relaxing face, neck and neckline massage (chest massage for men) with additional elements of head acupressure.

Spinal therapy and massage (25min)
60 PLN

Partial massage (specific body parts) (25min)
60 PLN

Relaxing massage of specific body parts.

Honey massage (25min)
70 PLN

Pleasant back, shoulders and neck massage with the use of warm honey. It relaxes the body as well as moisturizes and nourishes the skin very well.

Shaping-slimming massage (specific body parts) (30min)
70 PLN

Full body massage with a selection of essential oils (55min)
100 PLN

Holistic massage releases muscle tension, reduces physical and emotional stress.

Cinnamon- warms, improves skin texture, rejuvenates

Coconut- moisturizes, relaxes and brings back brilliance to the skin

Orange- refreshes, stimulates senses, brings harmony to the body

Lavender- calms down, mitigates, relieves stress

Sports massage (55min)
100 PLN

Intensive and energetic massage of the entire body.

Full body classic massage (55min)
100 PLN

Bamboo massage (55min)
100 PLN

Relaxing massage which also drains the entire body. Releases muscle tension, promotes circulation and lymph movement, regenerates and increases your well-being.

Elastic therapeutic tape
30 PLN

Therapeutic technique which uses specific elastic cotton strips applied on specific body parts.


Epidermis removal treatment on the basis of nourishing components. Smoothens and improves flexibility of the body, makes the skin softer and more delicate.

Cacao Peeling (20min)

Poppy Peeling (20min)

Coconut Peeling (20 min)

Herbal Peeling (20 min)

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